IES Recognizes Emerge Lighting Innovation With Inclusion in the 2013 IES Progress Report

Emerge/DDP, a leader in engineered LED solutions, was honored this week by receiving acceptance for inclusion in the 2013 IES Progress Report for it’s WashGraze LVD Dimming line Voltage Wall Wash fixture. The Emerge innovative LED wall washer and graze will be demonstrated at the IES Annual Conference on Oct 28th in Huntington Beach, CA

The WashGraze Line Voltage Dimming (LVD) Wall wash luminaire, an outdoor architectural accent lighting solution, is considered a significant innovation in the art and science of lighting because of it’s universally compatible dimming featuring advanced internal circuitry to allow it to dim smoothly with either leading edge (forward phase) or trailing-edge (reverse phase) ELV dimming control equipment from a wide variety of controls manufacturers. Additionally, the IES Progress Report committee considered the small profile of this luminaire (< 3″), the smallest on the market to offer 900 lumens/linear foot featuring universal line voltage input. The WashGraze LVD offers 9 specifiable beam patterns using individual optics while offering no lamp imaging on lit surfaces. To participate in the 2013 IES Annual Conference and see the Emerge WG LVD demonstrated live, visit