Emerge wall washer and grazer are a versatile line of linear LED fixtures designed for accenting and highlighting. They feature narrow profiles, are compatible with a wide range of dimming equipment, and are manufactured to high standards in the US.

The Emerge Wash/ Graze family employs the best in class LED technology. We work closely with the expert LED makers in our market to apply the newest advances in the science of solid state. Products in the category use high-power emitters in the various configurations and output levels. You can select the one best suited for your application.

We have the widest range of optic configurations which allows you to select the precise beam for your architectural application.



Emerge Lighting offers wall wash and grazing fixtures for both interior and exterior accent application. Whether you need a wider angle wash to achieve a flawless surface, or a tight throw to accentuate textures, and throw light up to 20-ft, Emerge linear washer and grazers will perform perfectly.